Transmedia Concept

The Zeru transmedia project includes two components:

The IGN is accessible through an application for tablets or smartphones, with an enhanced version for the web.

(videos, texts, photos, audio). It includes several websites: an interactive card that immerses the user in a visual landscape; a video wall that displays the videos in a dynamic, integrated way; a personalized space for each user that is connected to social networks; and a film generator that is the background task for all the websites.

What makes the Zeru project unique is
the dynamic bidirectional connection
between its two components.

As each user reads the interactive graphic novel, a specific documentary film will be created in sync with their particular journey through the story. As the plot develops , the user will be able to select different interactive elements within the images. These elements will not distract or interfere with the reading experience, rather they will serve as a kind of reading list, a bit like bookmarks.

The reading process of the IGN




See the generated movie


The Documentary Platform



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