Marketing Strategy

Target Audience

We are targeting several, converging audiences interested in the humanitarian issues as well as in the entertaining part of the project. We are targeting political activists, people who have a personal connection to the issue, people who are working in advocacy groups related to minority issues in Africa, people who care about minority issues as well as a young audience interested in thrilling, animated, interactive content.

Audience Engagement Strategy

Awareness campaigns and humanitarian cause have proven to be a great source of audience engagement.

  1. The IGN raises awareness of this monstrous situation of Albinos in Africa. By telling this compelling story we create an emotional momen- tum which once experienced will never be forgotten.
  2. The interactive dynamic of the IGN offers several possibilities to follow the story in an individual way. The audience can dig deeper in the reality of Albinos in Africa by exploring documented facts which are constantly updated to keep the IGN – platform alive and interesting enough to come back.
  3. With the integration of community pages and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…) the audience is animated to interact with each other, discuss the situation and share their emotions about the situation. This strong feeling of belonging to a community that cares deeply about the humanitarian issues of Albinos in Africa will lead to a call for action (4&5).
  4. The audience can further spread the word about the project to it’s personal social networks in order to gain a larger audience.
  5. Through the collaboration with advocacy groups the audience can donate and act upon the situation to do good in this part of the world.

Distribution and marketing strategy

We are going to collaborate with a broad range of national and international institutions and build through their existing communities. Through a coordinated online campaign in collaboration with NGO’s, UN agencies related with the human rights themes, media partners and “champions” involved in the awareness campaign, as well as programs dealing with human rights and social issues in Africa we will reach a large international audience.

For those advocacy groups the IGN presents a very unique tool to communicate about this particular issue. By telling an animated, appealing, interactive story people are instantly immersed in this universe and emotionally bound to the realities of Albinos in Africa. This kind of communication and awareness building is an innovative way for the institutions mentioned above which can be integrated in their own communication strategies.

In parallel we will launch a “Kickstarter” campaign. Donators become great ambassadors for the project and the issues.
In collaboration with the advocacy groups we dispose of a broad range of marketing and distribution channels. In order to create the largest possible access to the IGN we will develop a browser and mobile app (Android and Apple) version of the IGN.