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connected to a documentary web platform

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ZERU is an innovative transmedia project

An interactive graphic novel takes the reader on a personalized journey through a compelling story/thriller about the plight of Albinos in Africa, while an online documentary platform showcases real-world footage, facts, interviews and other relatable content.

170’000 people with albinism
live in Tanzania today.
None of them
can walk in peace.


Set on a business trip to Tanzania, a restless Afro-American financier, WALTER, is confronted with the horror of the lives of Albinos, persecuted and murdered by sorcery networks. His path will cross that of BADU, a 10 years old child, hunted like an animal because of the color of his skin. Called to choose between indifference and action, he’ll see his routine trip soon turn into a terrifying nightmare.


ZERU is a dark and suspenseful thriller, a merciless hunt that reveals the full horror of a situation rarely tackled by the media.

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In Swahili, ZERU means “ghost-like”. This story is based on the monstrous situation that persons with albinism face everyday in many African countries, mostly in Tanzania and the countries surrounding Lake Victoria. Perceived as merely human by the majority, albinos end up exposed to the worst treatments. Hunted down, they suffer fear, mutilations, and very often death.

Their body parts are sold at high prices through secretive and complex sorcery networks. The clients of that horrifying trade are convinced that owning fragments of albino bodies will bring them prosperity and good fortune. The fate of the Albino in this part of the world is an insult to the entire mankind.

Transmedia Concept

The Zeru transmedia project includes two components:

The IGN is accessible through an application for tablets or smartphones, with an enhanced version for the web.

(videos, texts, photos, audio). It includes several websites: an interactive card that immerses the user in a visual landscape; a video wall that displays the videos in a dynamic, integrated way; a personalized space for each user that is connected to social networks; and a film generator that is the background task for all the websites.

What makes the Zeru project unique is
the dynamic bidirectional connection
between its two components.

As each user reads the interactive graphic novel, a specific documentary film will be created in sync with their particular journey through the story. As the plot develops , the user will be able to select different interactive elements within the images. These elements will not distract or interfere with the reading experience, rather they will serve as a kind of reading list, a bit like bookmarks.

The reading process of the IGN




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The Documentary Platform



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The Team

Production Company: Bord Cadre Films

Laurent Nègre<br/>Writer & Director

Laurent Nègre
Writer & Director

JP Kalonji<br/>Graphic Artist & Designer

JP Kalonji
Graphic Artist & Designer

Cassandre Poirier-Simon<br/>UX Designer

Cassandre Poirier-Simon
UX Designer

Amos Wenger<br/>Web Developer

Amos Wenger
Web Developer

Ulrich Fischer<br/>Project Manager

Ulrich Fischer
Project Manager

Dan Wechsler<br/>Producer

Dan Wechsler

Bord Cadre films<br/>Production Company

Bord Cadre films
Production Company

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News & Updates

Visions du Réel – April 29

Visions du Réel – April 29

Apr 24 2014

Presentation of Zeru at Visions du Réel, Nyon, as part of the i_doc workshop (a project development programme for expanded documentaries). http://www.visionsdureel.ch/…

Launch of Zeru.ch website

Launch of Zeru.ch website

Apr 17 2014

Today we are launching this brand new website for Zeru! This web presence was lovingly crafted by Manuel Schmalstieg, using the highly…

Zeru awarded prize for Best Social Impact Project

Zeru awarded prize for Best Social Impact Project

Oct 28 2013

Together with Dan Wechsler of Bord Cadre films, we where presenting ZERU at the Pixel Market at Power to the Pixel 2013…

Zeru wins Pixel Lab 2012 prize

Zeru wins Pixel Lab 2012 prize

Oct 19 2012

Where: Power to the Pixel’s 6th Cross-Media Forum in London Power to the Pixel (PttP) supports a prize for one producer graduating…


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